Tiny Tots Enter Elf Academy in Rogers

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It doesn't feel like Christmas, doesn't look like Christmas either, unless you happened to be at the Pinnacle Hills Promenade Saturday.

Rumors of an elf shortage are just that, rumors, thanks to the latest Elf Academy in Rogers. There are only two requirements to become an elf, you've got to be tiny... and cute. There is no shortage of cute around these parts.

Little Addison is a happy little elf, and she has the Elf Academy certificate to prove it.

By any standard, these elves are certifiably adorable, so besides being so cute what do you do at an Elf Academy?

"Made a gingerbread house." said one of the new elves.

Gingerbread houses, just the start of Elfen activities at the academy.

An excited elf explains the rest of the Elf Academy curriculum, "And then we did a hat and then we got the hat and then got a reindeer."

It's not all play and no work at the Elf Academy, these elves know what's expected of them.

"Make you Christmas presents." said a cheerful little elf.

Just because they are elves doesn't mean they aren't looking forward to receiving a few gifts. A four year old elf told us she will be looking under the tree for "A big Barbie laptop."

Clearly these elves are more technologically savvy than they used to be!

Santa gets most of the credit this time of year but Mrs. Claus was there today helping the tiny elves pass the Elf Academy test.