Bentonville Kids Hit by Vehicles Out of Springfield Hospital

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Two Bentonville students hit while crossing the street in two separate accidents earlier this year are continuing to recover from their injuries.

Bentonville High Student Megan Zandra Davis, who hit by a school bus two months ago, is undergoing care at a Texas medical center and has been talking more and remembering more, according to "Prayers for Megan" Facebook page.

Neurosurgeon Barry Katz with Northwest Health Systems did not treat Davis but says those kind steps are important for people recovering from traumatic injuries. 

“It’s a very good sign that she is regaining function over the first couple of months, often people will continue to regain function over the next number of months as well,” said Katz.

The first couple of months after an accident are crucial in the recovery process, according to Katz.

“In general, we would be looking for strength, sensation, arms and legs, ability to walk, ability to speak and understand,” Katz said.

Davis was struck by a school bus on Oct. 4 when crossing ‘P’ and 14th streets. Reports indicate she suffered head trauma, a shattered pelvis and other injuries.

Also on the Facebook page Davis writes “I forgive her.”

Her mother asked ‘Who?’

Davis replied: “The woman who put me here.”

“She may or may not remember the accident more than she is now but hopefully her other memory and function will come back," said Katz.

Exactly two weeks after Davis’ accident, 12- year-old Geddon Kennedy was struck by a SUV while he was crossing Central Avenue in Bentonville.

Like Davis, he also by medical helicopter to Springfield, Mo., with life-threatening injuries. Kennedy is now home and people close to his family say he’s catching up on schoolwork.

The recovery time for children can be quicker than for adults, Katz said.

“Often times children are able to regain function more quickly and completely than adults are also better than older individuals," he said.

Prayers For Megan Facebook page is selling arm bands with her initials on them to help pay for medical expenses.