City Council Approves Fayetteville Parking Deck Location

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The Fayetteville City Council approved the location of a new parking deck that officials hope will help alleviate downtown parking issues.

Aldermen voted unanimously Tuesday night to construct the four-story structure at the theater lot located on the south side of the Walton Arts Center.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan said he plans to issue bonds to fund the project as early as Wednesday.

Jordan and the city’s consulting team recommended one of four sites to begin construction known as the Theater Lot on the south side of the Walton Arts Center.

The site selection study said the Theater Lot is the most cost effective option to build a parking deck.

“I believe it’s three levels on one side and four levels on the other side because there’s a pretty good slope across the deck,” said David Jurgens, Fayetteville Utilities Director.

The three other choices are the WAC Lot, the East Lot and the South Lot. Every site surrounds the Walton Arts Center.

Construction cost for the 300 parking spots is estimated around $6.2 million.

Money for the project will come from fines and parking fees.

“It’s not a tax issue at all,” Jurgens said. “It’s just folks that are using parking would be paying for the expanded parking deck.”

If the City Council chooses to build a parking deck on the Theater Lot, it will need to tear the Walton Arts Center Administrative Offices.

“There are some challenges if it’s build on the block that we’ll have to overcome,” said Terri Trotter, chief operating officer.

The administrative offices are in 3,500 sq. ft building with about 30 employees.

“We’ll have some things we need to work through, but we’ve got plenty of opportunity to do that,” Trotter said.

Trotter said the Theater Lot isn’t their first choice. However, they will make it work if it’s chosen.

“There will be an interruption period, but I think in the end we all win because more parking places means it’s going to be better for Dickson Street,” Trotter said.

The city’s plan is still in the preliminary stages.

“So far we’ve only done enough design in order to give the City Council adequate information to select a site,” Trotter said.

The city hopes to start construction by mid-2013. It will take about 12 to 18 months to complete.

To park at the parking deck it will cost the same as the rest of the paid parking in downtown Fayetteville.