Razorback Fans React to the New Head Football Coach

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The buzz of a new head football coach hit the internet Tuesday afternoon and Razorback fans in Fayetteville seem to have a split opinion about Bret Bielema coming to the University of Arkansas.

"I think he's going to do just fine here,” said Codie Martin, first-year law student. “I think it's a solid hire by Jeff Long.”

However, University of Arkansas student Andrew Orender doesn't agree.

"It's not exactly who I wanted," Orender said. "I was really hoping for someone with a bigger name.”

Those who like Bielema point to his accomplishments.

"He was pretty solid in Wisconsin. He's made the Rose Bowl three years in a row," Martin said.

Jerry Petet said he will bring to the table new strategies for the team's defense.

"It will be different than what we had he's defensive minded," Petet said.

Freshman Micah Minter said he’s excited, but isn’t familiar with Bielema’s record.

"I'm actually going to research him,” Minter said. “I'm going to look him up and see like statistics on him and how many games he's won.”

Even though some students are unfamiliar with the new coach, they said they are optimistic to have new leadership.

"It was so frustrating just watching this season,” said Sloane Ansell, freshman.

“So the fact that we are getting a new coach and we get new opportunity next year to do so much better is really exciting," Ansell said.

Carson Tanoury, also a UA freshman said, she’s also looking forward to the next football season.

“I feel like it will help our team be more successful," Tanoury said.

Whether or not they liked the hire, most fans said they are willing to wait and see how next season unfolds.

"It's more or less winning the games so I will see how it all plays out," said James Davis, sophomore.

Many hope his coaching and recruiting skills in the Big 10 Conference translate to the SEC.

"I think some people might be worried about his ability to recruit down here but if I'm not mistaken I think he has some players from Texas and Florida," said Zach Brothers.

"We've had some coaches from up North come down here and be successful," Brothers said.

Bielema's first game as head coach will be at Razorback Stadium on August 31 against the University of Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin-Cajuns.

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