Hardcore Ozark Fans Back Team Heading to State Championship

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The community of Ozark is really coming together to cheer on their football team as they play for the Class 4A Championship this weekend.

The team is only one game away from their first state title and Ozark fans are planning to cheer their team to victory.

Hundreds of people made their way to a bonfire to show support for the team Thursday night, screaming team cheers and getting pumped up for Saturday night's game against Stuttgart.

"People don't pick us to win," yelled Lynn Tooley at the crowd gathered around the bonfire."People don't pick us to win. But I'm going to tell you right now they ain't seen the Hillbillies just yet."

The Hillbillies bringing the town together in hopes of bringing home the championship.

"We have a lot of pride in this community," saidĀ April Richard, one of the women behind making the community campfire happen this year. "We back our boys a hundred percent, like any other small town American community. And we're just thrilled we're still playing football."

The team's record stands at 11 and 2 right now. Saturday, they're hoping to make it a 12 win season.

"It's going to be loud," said Tooley."We've got the whole community coming out. I mean there's just going to be tons of people. There's going to be tons of Ozark fans. We'll be waving the towels. Be cheering them on the whole way."

The town, supporting a team that's been picked as the underdog this entire season.

"Everyone's called us the underdogs all year," said Brandon Brokeshoulder ,one of the team's senior linebackers. "Then they come out and play flat, thinking they'll just run over us. We're going to see what happens Saturday night."

"We're winning this not just for these seniors," Richard said. "Not for our juniors or sophomores. We're winning it for the town. We've never had a state championship in football and this is the year."

Although the team is slated to be the underdogs, they say they're ready to prove to the entire state that they can win this championship.

The Ozark Hillbillies will go up against Stuttgart for the Class 4A Championship Saturday at 6:30. That game will be played in Little Rock at War Memorial Stadium.