With Hostess Gone, Rogers Company Sees Bread Sales Rise

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The sudden shutdown of the Hostess Brands baking plant in Memphis has created a bonanza of sorts for a northwest Arkansas company.

If you don’t mind the phone ringing off the hook, that is.

“We’re getting many, many, many calls,” John Carosh, general manager of Harris Baking Co. of Rogers, told Whispers last week.

One of those calls was from the Pulaski County Special School District, which learned on Friday, Nov. 16, that it wouldn’t be receiving its usual weekly shipment of Wonder Bread products — 1,420 packages of dinner rolls, 900 loaves of sliced bread, 900 packages of hamburger buns, 400 packages of hot dog buns — the next day. Click here to read more from our partners at ArkansasBusiness.com.