Sandy Hook Victim Mourned in Fayetteville

The Sandy Hook tragedy has touched Arkansas.

Connecticut police said 20 children and six adults were killed when Adam Lanza, 20, opened fire at the elementary school in Newtown. Among the dead was 6-year-old Jesse Lewis.

Jesse's grandfather, David E. Lewis, lives in Fayetteville and flew out to Connecticut on Saturday morning. Jesse's mother, Scarlett, lived in Fayetteville for a short period of time before moving to Connecticut.

Jay Lewis, David's nephew and Scarlett's first cousin, drove his uncle to the airport Saturday morning and offered to fly with him to Connecticut. Jay Lewis said his uncle and cousin are handling the tragedy as well as can be expected.

"They're just getting through it," Jay Lewis said. "They're trying to make it to the next day."

Jay Lewis said he and Scarlett Lewis went to dinners or on hikes together when she lived in Fayetteville. Scarlett and Jesse, then just a baby, were among the mourners who flew to Fayetteville when Jay's father, John Lewis died in 2007.

"I haven't seen Jesse in years; that's sad," Jay Lewis said. "Scarlett is a really bright young lady. She'll land on her feet. She's going to go through some tough times, but she'll be OK."

Jay Lewis said his uncle is a well-composed man and was stoic when preparing to fly out to see his daughter. He said David Lewis plans to stay with Scarlett through the Christmas holiday.

"He's definitely grief-stricken and sad," Jay Lewis said. "He will bring out the good things for Scarlett."

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