Women and Weight Loss Expert – Dr. Tammy of Project Fabulous

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Dr. Tammy Tucker
Dr. Tammy Hale Tucker

Dr. Tucker was born and raised in Mountain Home, Arkansas not far from Northwest Arkansas.  She  graduated a two-year radiology technology program at Cox Medical Center in Springfield, Missouri and then graduated with honors as a biology major at Southwest Missouri State University and completed an additional 2 years beyond that to attain a Master’s degree in biology with an emphasis in public health.  She then attended 4 years of medical school at Kansas City University plus an additional year as a Pathology fellow at Truman Medical Center/UMKC.  She then graduated from a 3 year Family Practice residency program at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Tallahassee, Florida.  She is currently a board certified Family Practice Physician licensed to practice in the state of Arkansas.

 She has done award winning research in multiple areas and has focused additional emphasis on hormone balance, wellness, arthritis and preventive care. She is trained in all areas of medical care including OB and surgical procedures. Dr. Tucker offers her patients a unique approach to medicine by bringing an extensive education, a compassionate heart and a genuine desire to make the medical experience a positive one.

Dr. Tucker opened Project Fabulous in March of 2012.  It was a long time dream of hers to incorporate physical exercise into wellness for her patients.  After a late life baby and hysterectomy she gained over seventy pounds and struggled with her weight through many hormonal changes including breast feeding, tubal ligation and thyroid issues.   She understands women’s frustration with hormonal imbalance and through her journey has developed a 10 step bio balance program to help women in Northwest Arkansas and beyond understand metabolic hormonal balance issues and conquer them once and for all.  Through extensive lab tests and hormonal supplementation, healthy eating and exercise any one can achieve all their weight loss and wellness goals quickly efficiently and without stress.  She has become an expert in the world of bio-identical hormone therapy and offers an array of treatment options in her office.

She has written several books available at www.Amazon.com and continues to be a major patient advocate for women’s health and wellness issues in Northwest Arkansas. 
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