Police Called After Student Brings BB-Gun To School

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A Cedarville student brought a BB-gun to his elementary school Monday morning, three days after 26 people were killed in a mass elementary school shooting in Connecticut.

The Cedarville Elementary School student brought the BB-gun into the school’s cafeteria at about 7:45 a.m.

The Cedarville Police Department was called about the incident, and the BB-gun was turned over to police, according to a statement released by the Cedarville School District on Monday.

The student’s parents were called and took their child home from school.

It is against the school’s policy for students to bring items to school that resemble “a weapon, dangerous instrument or any contraband materials,” according to the student handbook.

Federal law prohibits the possession of firearms on schools’ property. Students breaking that law may be expelled for one year, the Cedarville Elementary School handbook states.

“We have an organized plan of the buildings and are trained on our response in the event of any incident or emergency, Supt. Dan Foreman said in the district’s statement. “The Cedarville Elementary School has locked all entrances during the school day, with the sign-in policy inside the principals’ offices.”

The district statement said the student received the BB-gun as a Christmas gift and did not take it into a classroom.