Bentonville Teacher Becomes iTunes Sensation

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In Hollywood, you can stretch the boundaries of believability.

A teacher going for a record deal? Not likely.

If so, you'd think maybe a music teacher or a writer. But a biology teacher?

Tom Chester and his brother, Hebron, are hoping their first record called, "Ridgerunner," spreads like diffusion.

Tom and Hebron have been playing music for years and realized now is the time to rock.

When asked if his true passion is teaching, rocking, or a little bit of both, Tom said, "It's definitely both. I love teaching, but while I'm young and before I settle down. I'd like to be a rock star, too!"

Tom and Hebron's debut album can be purchased on iTunes.

The title track tells the story of a Fayetteville man named Ridgerunner.

"Ridgerunner was the man I met in college about my Dad's age and he's homeless. This song is a tribute to him. I hated to see somebody be in his place and so much older than me."

Other tracks are light and uplifting, you might say.

The album is already doing well on iTunes, competing against major studio releases.

"We released on November 6th because it's got a political theme. On iTunes, we made it up to the Top-200 charts of rock albums. You can go on iTunes and search Tom and Hebron, or you can go to Amazon or Spotify. There's a lot online stores that have it."

The album rocks the kids, but it's still smooth enough for Mom and Dad.

It's not often you find a teacher and a rocker all wrapped together.

If you'd like to buy a CD, you can pick one up at Hastings in Fayetteville or just buy one online.

For more information, check out their website here.