Cheer Xtreme Squad Heading to the Sugar Bowl

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A 14 member squad from Cheer Xtreme will be packing their bags and heading to New Orleans for the New Year.  The girls will perform with hundreds of other dancers from across the United States at halftime of the Sugar Bowl.

 “We got invited to go to the Sugar Bowl, you have to get invited you just can't show up,” said Coach Cindy Steele.  “We were so excited when we got the invitation and we started thinking how are we going to get there, how are we going to fundraiser.  The girls have worked really hard.”

The girls were able to raise enough money to send them all to New Orleans.  With the fundraising complete it was time for the girls to get to work and learn the halftime dance. 

“The routine is 88 counts long so it took us a few days to get it down,” said Dancer Roxy Vaughan.  “It wasn't too hard to learn.”

The girls travel to New Orleans five days before the Sugar Bowl in order to practice with all the
other teams from across the United States.

“When you get there it’s crazy,” said Dancer Kaylee Hunter.  “You practice for eight hours a day and
you don't stop.”

All the practice time is worth it once they step onto the field at halftime in front of nearly 60,000 fans

“Being out on the field at halftime and doing the dance that is the best feeling,” said Roxy Vaughan.  “You just go down there and it feels amazing.”

The overall experience of performing at the sugar is something these kids will remember there whole life

“We get to meet new people, we get to be in the gym with them and
practice with them,” said Dancer Abbie Heissler.  “Everyone is just amazing there, they are all so sweet. They let us learn and give us the opportunity to perform on stage in front of all those people, it’s just amazing.”