Some Sebastian County Roads Still Not Clear

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The Sebastian County Road Department says some of the rural county roads still are not clear.

Some drivers decided to turn around Wednesday after seeing ice on the road.

“Going down was pretty slick” said Bryson Middleton, a driver. “I seen there was a car stuck.”

Bryson Middleton made it safely down a stretch of Feather Hill Road just outside Lavaca. Others didn't even attempt the drive.

“I do get scared especially in this Jeep,” said Middleton. “It's not 4-wheel drive, so yeah kind of slick.”

Crews with the Sebastian County Road Department came in early Wednesday to treat the roads.

“I had them here by 6:30 this morning, got the equipment and stuff ready and running,” said Sebastian County Road Superintendent Allen Layne.

Layne says they use graders and sand to clear streets. He says the department does not pretreat the roads.

“We waited til the snow quit you know we didn't want to get out there and waste a lot of material and tear up a bunch of equipment,” said Layne.

Layne said crews worked throughout the day Wednesday treating hills and shady spots. “We got most of our main roads pretty well done right now,” he said.

Layne says they still have some slick spots in the county, but drivers say conditions have improved from this morning. “There's some spots where it's dried, spots where it's icy,” said Middleton.

The road department plans to have crews back out again Thursday.