5NEWS Fit: Arms with Music

Putting on your favorite song can not only make you feel good, but push you to exercise longer, according to Gabby Mooney with G-Fit.

"Sometimes when I go to the gym and I'm focusing on the weight and the reps that I'm doing, I literally can't do as many," said Gabby.

In this 5NEWS Fit, we're doing low weight with high reps and alternating the pace. It'll make you feel the burn even more.

"When I do it with music, with the beat, I'm actually able to do more of it," said Gabby.

All you need are two five pound weights for this arm workout. You'll accomplish the bicep curl, overhead press, and even work triceps. Gabby says to alternate the moves with three sets of 20, or finish two of your favorite songs.

Do the routine three times a week, and your arms are sure to get in shape.

Today's snack: Grab a handful of almonds and your favorite non-fat yogurt.


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