LED Lights Save Fort Smith Money

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The city of Fort Smith saved thousands of dollars each month by converting to LED lights, according to the Streets and Traffic Control Department.

In 2006 the city started the conversion. All 149 intersections in Fort Smith now have LED lights.

Traffic Control Superintendent Steve Kelton says the switch saves the city money. “After the conversion to LEDs we are saving $5000 to $7000 a month,” said Kelton.

Kelton says LED lights are easier to see. “Driving into the sun or with the sun directly on the lens they’re not as difficult to see as an incandescent lamp,” said Kelton.

The city says LED lights last four times as long as the incandescent lights, which allows maintenance crews to do other work.

“We touch everything at the intersection once a year, tighten screws, inspect wires,” said Kelton.

The department says the extra money will allow them to do other projects.

“We use it in other areas where we need it, whether upgrading signals or redo our budget every year where our needs are,” said Director of Street and Traffic Control Greg Riley.

Kelton says local and federal funding paid for the conversion. The department says eventually the LED lights will pay for themselves.