Girl Scout Cookie Sales Season Begins

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Who else is thinking Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs? Saturday Jan. 12 marks the first day of Girl Scout cookie sales.

The young entrepreneurs from Rogers Troop 5238 went door-to-door equipped with umbrellas, rain boots, and order forms. The wet weather didn't stop the girl scouts from selling.

"Rain or shine we go out and sell those cookies,” said Irma Flores Lopez, troop leader. “It's very important, those girls are excited."

Girl Scout cookies are tantalizing treats customers look forward to every year. It has a bigger purpose offering lessons in financing and communication skills.

"From a little shy girl that couldn't even knock on the door, you see them spontaneously skipping and saying ‘Hi my name is so and so, I would like to sell some cookies to you,’" Flores Lopez said.

Bethany Flores was one of the shyest in the group, but selling cookies has helped her become more outgoing.

"It's good when you go outside and meet new people," Flores said.

This year, the Girl Scouts roll out new packaging with a positive message for their cookie-buyers.

"Brand new pictures on the front and the back also has part of our new goals where it says every cookie has a mission and what the cookies can do for our troops," said Dawn Harris, troop co-leader.

The new packaging also helps motivate the girls to sell more.

"It also shows some of the badges that they can earn specifically for cookie sales so it really gets them amped up to go forward and do a lot more," Harris said.

A portion of the money the troop makes goes back to headquarters for scholarships. The rest of the proceeds is used for activities and charity.

"We’re probably going to save up to go to Savannah, Georgia or going to give it to a shelter for kids," said Laisha Trancosa, 11.

Troop leaders said the older girls help the younger ones become independent and more confident during this long-time tradition.

The Girl Scout cookie program teaches five skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills and business ethics.

The cookie orders are expected to arrive after Valentine’s Day.