New Semester Means New Changes for UA Campus

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The spring semester got underway Monday morning at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. New this semester on campus are a giant LED sign, a temporary blockade and a U of A police officer sitting on Dickson St., restricting traffic.  

“I didn`t know about it," said Clint Willis, a junior finance major. "I kind of noticed that it was blocked off when I saw the cop car there. I think it`s a great thing that they are doing though, for the safety of the students."

Students will be able to cross the road, but cars will not be able to cross W. Dickson St. from Harmon to Garland Ave. weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

“I think it's kind of a bummer because I go down Dickson St. to go eat and maybe when I'm in a car I want to go back to the Phi Delt house and Dickson St. is the quickest way to get there so it`s kind of not very cool to hear,” said Robert Ross, a freshman communications major.

So, who will be allowed access?

Emergency vehicles,Razorback transit buses, drivers with university parking permits, bicycles, along with construction and delivery vehicles.

That list does not include motorcycles, scooters, or mopeds.

“I drove my moped to campus which was pretty cold and they used to have moped parking up by Brough but I had to go ahead and turn left here and go over by J.B. Hunt which is a little further away,” said Noah Brinker, a junior finance major. “It`s not too bad and it definitely makes traffic a little less congested.”

Thousands of students walk this stretch of Dickson St. every week and those 5NEWS spoke with said they now feel more safe when they`re walking to class.

“I think it`s alright,” said Tyler Gay, a freshman international economics. “The intersection there gets pretty congested when class gets out and there are always a line of cars waiting so I think it will really make things a lot safer.”

University of Arkansas police will be out all week blocking off those two blocks of Dickson St., warning drivers and pedestrians of the changes.

Starting next week, anyone in violation of the new road rules could be subject to a citation.