LIVE BLOG: Weather Updates

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Alicia Agent January 15, 201312:29 pm


Clearing skies this afternoon with highs from 36-40. Any snow covered roads should rapidly go slushy this afternoon. #arwx

Alicia Agent January 15, 201312:28 pm

HWY 21 in Ozone. Snow covered roads

Alicia Agent January 15, 201312:06 pm

St. John Catholic School in Russellville will close at 12:30 p.m

Alicia Agent January 15, 201312:02 pm

SCOTT COUNTY JUDGE JAMES FORBES: We had to close 71 there for about 10-15 minutes for a stalled truck, but we got everything moving… streets are starting to clear up a little bit.”

He says roads are being treated.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201311:24 am

Clarksville 11 a.m.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201311:21 am

Check out this video of a snow-covered Hwy 71 in Logan County on our Facebook page

Alicia Agent January 15, 201311:17 am

“Extremely treacherous at best” –Josh Johnston, Emergency Manager in Clarksville talks about about road conditions

Rick Bagley January 15, 201311:17 am

Josh Johnston, Emergency Manager in Clarksville: “road accidents from county line to county line.”

Rick Bagley January 15, 201311:16 am

@5NEWSJoe We will talk live with Josh Johnston, Emergency Manager in Clarksville about road conditions at 11:20

Rick Bagley January 15, 201311:15 am

@5NEWSGarrett Although snow accumulations will be minimal… even 1 inch of snow can cause traffic problems until highs are above freezing.

Rick Bagley January 15, 201311:14 am

Reports of light snow flurries in Fayetteville.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201311:13 am

@5NEWSGarrett: As long as strong jet stream is situated to our south… small “shortwaves” can move rapidly across area with snow possible Now – Thu.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201311:04 am

Clarksville Police Department posted this on Facebook: If you don’t have to go out please stay home! The roads are slick in many areas in Clarksville. There are several accidents. Your safety is very important to us!

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:54 am

Snowfall in Elkins.

Heather Lewis January 15, 201310:52 am

Scott County Judge James Forbes says road crews are treating bridges to help ease slick roads.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:46 am

Heavener, Oklahoma

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:45 am


Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:45 am

Waldron Public Schools will close at 10:30 a.m. due to slick, snow-covered roads.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:44 am

Paris Schools will dismiss students at 11:15 a.m. Monday, Jan. 15, due to slick roads and snow.

Students will be fed lunch early then dismissed, according to school officials.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:44 am


Snow is lightly falling in Elkins, roads appear clear at this time. Elkins School District does not have plans to close as of right now.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:44 am

@5NEWSChristine: Snow is falling on Huntsville Rd. in Fayetteville. Highway 16 and Crossover Rd. do not appear to be slick.

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:44 am

Below is a list of phone numbers and web sites to check for road conditions in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and surrounding states.

Arkansas (
(501) 569-2374
(800) 245-1672

Tennessee (
(877) 244-0065

Oklahoma (
(405) 425-2385
(888) 425-2385

Alicia Agent January 15, 201310:43 am

Waldron Dispatchers say a portion of Hwy. 71 South is closed due to a semi crash with another car. No injuries reported.