Gun Store Owner Says Gun Control Proposal Won’t Help

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Customers at a Tontitown business say President Barack Obama's new gun control proposals won't make Americans safer.

The business' owner agrees.

“Criminals will be criminals, and law abiding citizens will follow the law,” said Phil Ezell, owner of Ozark Sportsman Supply in Tontitown. "They're already breaking laws by committing any crime with a gun. That`s the reason they call them criminals, because they`re breaking the law.

"You can have laws piled up to here and it makes no difference, it`s already illegal to commit a crime."

Thanks to the uproar over the possibility of new gun control laws, his inventory is low. Shelves aren't empty at his store, but they're getting close. Ezell said all the talk about new gun and ammunition laws has actually been good for his business.

"Any gun that can be used for home defense, self defense or might have high capacity is flying off the shelf," said Ezell.

Ozark Sportsman Supply doesn’t have any high capacity magazines that the President's proposal would eliminate.

Ezell said he can't get enough of them to meet demand.

"There are literally millions of 30-round AR magazines in the world already," Ezell said. "They can't go out and collect all those because nobody knows where they all are."

Even though many gun and ammunition manufacturers are working around the clock---seven days a week to meet the recent demand---most orders to local gun dealers are still weeks behind schedule.