High School Fishing Club Works to be a Varsity Sport

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Three months ago Greg McMahan and his son Garrett started up a Fort Smith High School Bass Fishing Team known as the Bass Busters.

"Our goal is to make it a varsity sport," said Greg McMahan.  "We started with two dedicated members and now we are up to 18 and we hope to really grow it from here."

The team is part of The Bass Federation also known as the TBF.  The club is open to students from 9th to 12th grade with an interest in bass fishing.  The team is looking to continue to grow and professional bass fisher Ray Scheide thinks the sky is the limit for the team.

"They have the two major high schools and four junior high schools," said Ray Scheide. "This club has huge possibilities for growth and awareness for the sport in Arkansas."

The team's goal is to reach 50 members before summer.  While competing and doing well is a priority for the team they want to let kids who are interested know its meant to be a fun environment.

"I would tell them they need to come out and try fishing with us," said 14 year old Garrett McMahan.  "If they want to fish with us they can they don't have to compete they can just go out and have fun with it."

The team will start entering competitions within the next couple months. For more information or if you are interested in joining the club email Greg McMahan at fshsbassfederation@gmail.com.