City Breaks Ground on New Fire Station

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Fort Smith’s city directors and others gathered at the site of the city’s 11th fire station for a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday (Jan. 22).

The new fire station will be built at Chaffee Crossing. Fire Chief Mike Richards says the new 12,500-square foot fire house will improve response time at Chaffee Crossing as well as save money for everyone.

“It will help keep insurance rates low for all of Fort Smith, not just for the area of Chaffee Crossing but for the entire city,” he said.

The fire station will also help promoters as they work to bring new business to Chaffee Crossing.

Richards expects work to start in the next day or two with the building being completed sometime later this year. The three-bay station will be manned by six firemen 24 hours a day, seven days a week.