Toxicology Report Pending in Deadly Crash

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Crawford County deputies are awaiting a toxicology report to confirm if alcohol was involved in a deadly accident on Industrial Park Road in Van Buren earlier this week.

Zachary Williams, 20, was killed in the crash, that happened around 8 a.m. on Jan. 23., according to Sheriff Ron Brown said. Deputies found empty alcohol containers inside Williams’ truck. Blood samples were taken from Williams and sent to the state health department in Little Rock.

“The officers that worked the accident did find a bottle of alcohol that was half empty and it did reek,” Brown explained. ”Right now it’s strictly speculation though.”

Deputies say Williams was driving a Ford pickup truck when he apparently crossed into the opposite lane of traffic, striking a Chevrolet pickup truck head-on.

Ronnie Emery, 53, and his granddaughter 9-year-old Sierra Irvan in the pickup were injured. Relatives say Emery was driving Irvan to school when the accident happened.

Emery was found unconscious at the scene. The family says he is in the ICU at a Little Rock hospital with head, pelvis, and foot injuries.

The child received minor injuries, including a broken nose and broken teeth, according to investigators.

“She's kind of like the ring leader of the kids around here you know. If there's something going on Sierra's right in the middle of it,” said Mays.

A family member told 5NEWS Irvan claims she saw Williams take a sip of something before the crash. Deputies are waiting for a toxicology report to confirm if alcohol was involved.

“They met and they had a good impact that was pretty close to the shoulder of the road,” Trooper Dale Howard, with Arkansas State Police said. “Both vehicles went off over the shoulder of the road with the Ford Ranger turned over on its side.”

This accident is still under investigation by Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.