Brooke Schultz is Making a National Splash

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Brooke Schultz is only 14 years old, yet she has accomplished things on the diving board kids much older then her could never imagine.

This past year, when she was only 13, Brooke participated in the Junior National Diving Championships.  She finished 1st on the 3-meter springboard and 2nd on the 1-meter springboard.  The overall experience of competing at nationals was the experience of a lifetime.

“Nationals is so much fun,” said Brooke Schultz.  “You get to dive with so many people your age.  You make friends from around the country.  Nationals is fun because you can show how you’ve progressed over the year.”

Believe it or not Brooke has only been diving for four years.  Although she has only been diving for a short period of time, it was apparent right from the start she had tremendous potential.

“I was told years ago she had talent that people hadn’t seen in a long time,” said her father Dale Schultz. “You always hope that is true as a parent, but as a coach you just never know”

Brooke’s father is not only her coach he is also the head diving coach for the University of Arkansas.  Diving definitely runs in the Schultz family.  Brooke’s mother was an All-American Diver at Purdue University.  Brooke looks to follow in her parents footsteps and she has set high goals for herself.

“I definitely want to dive in college,” said Brooke.   “My goals are to go to the Olympics in 2016 or 2020.  To accomplish that I need to keep training and continue to work hard.  I need to try things without being scared and overcome my fears.”

Brooke's work ethic is incredible. She practices six days a week and travels to the USA National Training Center one week per month for extra practice.  Keep an eye out for this superstar in the next Olympic Diving Trials.