Local High School Student To Be Senate Page

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A Fort Smith student with a passion for politics will spend the spring term at the nation's capital learning the inner workings of government from U.S. senators.

William Jenner, a junior from Southside High School, was handpicked by Senator John Boozman, R-AR, to serve as one of 30 Senate Pages this spring.

“This young man is a good athlete, a good student, a good person,” said Sen. Boozman.

As a Page, Jenner will work like an intern to some of the most powerful people in Washington D.C.

"They're exposed to a lot," said Sen. Boozman. "They'll be rubbing shoulders with the senators, and doing all the really basic things that it takes to keep us functioning to a large extent.”

Jenner said he was hesitant to accept the position at first. “It’s a big thing to think about because you have to leave your friends, your home, everything you’ve really known and go to some place that’s unfamiliar.”

The varsity football player is also a member of the National Honor Society and volunteers in his community. His American Government and Politics teacher, Richard Bartlett, said Jenner is "the type of student that one looks forward to and wishes one had more of."

Jenner is the son of an Army captain and an Assistant U.S. Attorney. He said it was his father's dream for him to someday attend the Naval Academy.

"I think that's always been an influence, a deep influence subconsciously," said Jenner.

When he's not working at the Capitol, Jenner will attend class and live with the other Senate Pages in a residence near the Senate Office Building.

Jenner reports to the Senate floor Monday morning (Jan. 28).