Fayetteville Creates Video to Help Roundabout Drivers

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The city of Fayetteville produced an instructional video to help drivers with safety information about the city’s first roundabout.

It opened to traffic in November while construction continued. It's located at the intersection of Futrall Drive and North Hills Boulevard. It's also near Washington Regional Medical Center.

The city claims in its video that driving on a roundabout is safe and easy.

Georgina Duncan, who has experience driving in roundabouts, said some drivers are still having a hard time adjusting.

"A lot of people get in there and get kind of bewildered about what they are supposed to do next," Duncan said.

Cars coming into the roundabout must yield to traffic already inside. Once drivers enter the loop, they have the right of way.

The video instructs, "look to your left and check for oncoming traffic. They have the right  of way. Be sure you signal, when you merge from one lane to the next."

Vande Southerland said it takes some getting used to.

"You read the signs and you can maneuver through it," Southerland said. "It's a little nerve-racking the first time but I've been through several times."

Michael Waits said having a video available for first-time users is a good idea.

"It is a change so it's good to have some tutorials out there to train people. So I think it's very beneficial," Waits said.

The roundabout replaced a four-way stop and its purpose is to ease traffic woes.

"Traffic moves faster and more fluidly, makes everything easier, not much congestion," Sam Freeze said.

Construction is expected to be complete in February.

"It will run a lot smoother when they get it finished and all of the construction materials are out of the way," Duncan said.

The city recommends drivers maintain a speed between 15 to 20 miles per hour in the roundabout.

According to the city's website, the roundabout is a federally funded project. Federal money funds pay for 80% and the city is in charge of the rest.

The estimated cost is $2.5 million.  

Click here to watch the instructional video.