Pinterest Interest: Super Bowl Desserts

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Super Bowl XLVII is fast approaching, and many are already purchasing their game day snacks.  Social Networking Site has recently spotlighted some party ideas, inclosing several desserts.

Here's a few we found:

super bowl brownies1. Bowl Ready Brownies: These are simple to do, simply use a football-shape cookie cutter to carve up these treats.  Click here for the recipe.

super bowl neopolitans

2. Frozen End-Zone Treats: Frozen Neopolitan bars make great treats for everyone.  Keep them frozen and bring them out around half time.  Here's the recipe.

super bowl popcorn

3. Twix Caramel Popcorn: Combine 20 "fun size" Twix candy bars, chopped up.  Click here to find out how to make it.

super bowl ref cupcake

4. Football cupcakes: To Decorate: Using a small star tip in a pastry bag, zig-zag the chocolate frosting in a diamond shape on the cooled cupcakes. Then put the reserved vanilla frosting into a bag with a small round tip and pipe on the laces.  Here's the pin.  Another option, the referree cupcake, wrap your cupcake in Black and white paper and put a whistle on top.

super bowl oreo truffles

5. Football Oreo Truffles: These are crushed Oreos blended with cream cheese made to look like football.  Its definitely a mouth-watering recipe.

You can find even more great pins for your perfect Super Bowl Party at