State Trooper Fired; Accused Of Sexual Affair While On Duty

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An Arkansas State Police Trooper out of Fort Smith lost his job after an investigation states he had sex with a married woman while on duty.

The state police started an investigation in November against Trooper Zachary Saxon, in which the married woman he allegedly engaged in a sexual relationship with told police she had sex with Saxon at his home during his lunch break, according to police documents.

The woman told police the two would exchange messages over email and Facebook. Saxon also sent her text messages that showed up in her phone as coming from “James Bond,” documents show.

The woman said Zaxon contacted her in November saying that his job was important and they could no longer talk to each other.

Saxon told internal investigators he and the woman had sex about 10 times, and that only one of them occurred while he was on duty, during a lunch break, according to an investigative summary from the Arkansas State Police.

Saxon said he never used his state-issued computer to communicate with the woman, and she has never been in his patrol unit. He told investigators he did not feel like they were violating policy.

Saxon was a probationary employee at the time of his firing. According to ASP, troopers are placed on a probationary period of 18 months after time of hiring. Saxon was hired last February.

Probationary employees can be fired, with the authorization of the Arkansas State Police Commission, with or without cause.

During an interview with investigators, Saxon said of having sex while on-duty, “I did meet her during a lunch break and I only know of one time,” according to a transcript of a conversation between Saxon and an investigator. “Well…I wasn’t really (on duty). I was, but I’m not because I was on my break, but I understand what policy says and all that matter.”