Teen Who Shot Women With Blow Darts Out Of Jail On Plea Deal

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A Rogers teenager who hospitalized at least two women in blow dart attacks is out of jail after reaching a plea deal with prosecutors Monday.

William Goines, 17, was released from the Benton County Jail on time served after pleading guilty to three counts of battery and two counts of assault. Goines was also placed on 10 years supervised probation. His probation cannot end early under the plea agreement, said Carrie Dobbs, deputy Benton County prosecutor.

Goines also received a jail sentence of 120 days, but was given time served after serving 119 days behind bars, according to the Benton County Sheriff’s Office.

If found guilty, Goines could have faced up to a maximum of 18 years in prison, Dobbs said.

The plea agreement restricts Goines from ever again stepping foot onto the grounds of the Pinnacle Hills and Scottsdale shopping centers, Dobbs said.

Goines and Jeremy Robert Hendrix, 18, pleaded not guilty in November in a pair of September blow dart attacks.

Goines and Hendrix were arrested Oct. 1 in connection with instances of local women being shot with darts in parking lots.

The investigation led officers to Hendrix’s residence on West Beechwood Drive in Rogers. Investigators searched both Hendrix’s and the teen’s homes and found evidence, including a blow gun, connecting them to the incidents, police said.

Leigh-Ann Archuleta was shot in the neck with a blow dart gun. “They did the x-rays. They just pulled it out,” she said.

“It could have really hurt someone even though it was stupid kids doing stupid stuff,” said Archuleta. “It was very dangerous.”

On Sept. 21, a 19-year-old woman reported she had been hit in the neck with a dart in a local shopping center parking lot. Five days later, another woman told police she had been hit in the back with a dart.

Hendrix and Goines were also accused of shooting a man with a paintball pellet from a moving vehicle on Sept. 13, according to police.

Hendrix has not reached a deal with the prosecutor’s office and has a Benton County Circuit Court status hearing set for March 28, Dobbs said.