Crawford County Storm Damage

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A possible tornado touched down in Crawford County on Tuesday. The storm knocked down trees and took out power lines along Highway 59 in the Natural Dam area.

A 5NEWS viewer captured video of the storm on his cell phone.

“We pulled over and come to stop and about the same time we stopped was when it started to cross the road about 100-150 yards ahead of us,” said William Jones, an eyewitness.

Jones waited out the storm inside a truck with his family. “We watched it tear out all the trees, throw the debris in the road,” he said.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office says a tree fell on an abandoned house on Rainwater Road in the Natural Dam area.

Crews with Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative worked to repair damaged power lines along Highway 59.

“We're gonna walk in there cut the trees and climb the polls, can't get trucks to them,” said Roger Bartlett, a utility worker.

Crews have to repair about 1,000 feet of downed lines. “Aww it's not real bad. It's not like a tornado. It's a bad wind storm or it's a small tornado,” said Bartlett.

Jones attended storm spotter classes. He says he saw rotation. “Kind of looked like somebody just went through with a comb and just brushed all the trees down in certain sections,” said Jones.

The sheriff’s office says they did not have any reports of injuries.