Photos & Video: Elkins Sustains Severe Damage From Storms

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Elkins may be getting the worst of severe weather that hit the area throughout the day Tuesday.

At least one house in Elkins sustained severe damage to its roof because of strong winds. Crews were checking the stability of the house after the damage.

Several trees are down, including at least one that was seemingly broken in half.

Debris stretched out onto Pin Oak Street. A wooden fence near one house was blown over and rests on a downed tree.

Elkins firefighters, police and emergency medical crews responded to the damage, although there were no injuries, according to the Elkins Fire Department.

Power company workers were on-scene, disabling power to the houses that were hit the hardest.

Crews also responded to a gas meter that was damaged by a trampoline during Tuesday's storm, according to the Washington County Sheriff's Office.

Lightning struck an electrical pole on Center Street in Elkins, requiring attention from repair crews, according to the Sheriff's Office.