Garrett’s Blog: 448 Days Have Passed Since It Rained This Heavy

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raintotalsAs the rain ends, many rain gauges around your neighborhood are recording one of the heaviest rains we’ve seen in months; in some cases years!

On Tuesday, January 29th, Fayetteville picked up 2.68″ of rainfall. That’s more rainfall than we received in Fayetteville for the entire month of April 2012! The last time this much rain fell in one-day was November 8th. 2011 with 3.57″ of rain, 448 days ago!

A similar story played out in Fort Smith. Tuesday evening recorded one-day rainfall totals of 2.71″. The last 2.50″+ rainfall total in the Fort Smith area was on March 8th of last year with 2.74″.

After this system exits, there’s not a significant chance for rain within the next week. The average rainfall for January is around 2.80″, so we essentially received a month’s worth of rain in one-day.


*Note: Blog updated Feb 1, 2013 to refect official rain totals.