Mobile Home Damaged in Franklin County

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The Fisher family is working to save what they can from their mobile home Wednesday. That's after it was blown 15 feet of its foundation during storms Tuesday night, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The home is just off Highway 64 near Mulberry, about three miles from the Crawford County line, Sheriff Anthony Boen said.

Paul Fisher was at work when the storm blew through but said his wife, Christine, and their three children were all inside the home.

Christine Fisher told 5NEWS that she heard what she believed to be a tornado outside, and that's when she grabbed her youngest son, Nicholas, 14, and her 16-year-old daughter Rachel, trying to protect them.

In a matter of seconds, their house was off the ground.

Joshua, 17, was thrown against the other side of the room once the house went airborne, according to Christine.

"I was just at work and she called me," Fisher said. "I just hollered at my boss and told him my house had blown away and I jumped in my truck."

Fisher found his home several feet closer to the road when he pulled in his driveway.

"That's all the damage," Fisher said. "That`s it. Nothing else as far as I know. Even the buildings around it, it didn`t touch them."

Fisher said he's just thankful that his family survived the storm.

"The house, that's something that can be replaced," Fisher said. "Christine and my kids, I'm just happy they're all okay."

Christine and the three children did have some cuts and bruises, but did not suffer any major injuries.

"A lot of memories are gone," Fisher said. "But we’ll make new ones and keep going. That's all we can do. Count our blessings and go on to the next day."

The family plans to put another mobile home on the same property, once they can have their current home gutted and removed, Fisher said.

Fisher said they're working with the Red Cross, but for now are staying with relatives who live nearby.