Woman Survives Storm After Roof Ripped Off

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Storms ripped through Northwest Arkansas Tuesday, causing damage across the area.

People were out Wednesday cleaning up debris and salvaging their belongings.

Orvetta Cox’s home on Hummingbird Drive in Goshen, in the path of Tuesday’s destructive storm.

“I was sitting on the couch talking on the phone with one of the girls that I used to work with and the storm was coming and lightening and I said we got to get off here and I got off, unplugged the TV and boy it was all bad, I go into the hallway and in just a little bit it was over with,” said Cox.

“Just a lot of noise, I really didn`t know what it was, just a lot of noise,” added Cox.

She took cover in the hallway and she had no idea of the amount of damage, until she opened the bedroom door.

“Half of the roof is gone at least, a lot of the shingles, the siding and everything.”>

Rain throughout the night soaked all of her belongings inside the home, but when she went outside she noticed even more damage.

Pieces of her home, garage and shed scattered all across the area.

“Looked out and seen the car it was standing there, but the shop was all gone, the barn was all gone,” added Cox.

With snow and bitter cold temps Wednesday, Cox was out salvaging her belongings.

She's without electricity and running water and now she has to find a new home.

“I think we`ll just have to tear it down,” said Cox.

Cox said neighbors, friends, and people in the community came out to help her once the storm passed.

“Round Mountain Community Church, Round Mountain Fire Department, I couldn`t have done this by myself, they are really good,” said Cox.

She also said Round Mountain Church is planning clean-up efforts this Saturday.