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Crews Break Ground for Fayetteville Flyover

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A groundbreaking ceremony for the Highway 71B Flyover in Fayetteville was held Monday (Feb. 4) afternoon.

The overpass will make it easier for travelers to get to Interstate 540.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan said it's a long overdue project.

"It's taken us almost ten years to get this far. This is a very exciting day for taking this city to the next level and I'm excited to be here," said Jordan.

The flyover bridge will also provide an alternative way for drivers on northbound College Ave. who normally make a U-turn at Joyce Blvd. to access the Fulbright Expressway.

Instead of a U-turn, drivers will be able to take a left lane bridge that extends over southbound College Avenue traffic.

Drivers can then head west on the Fulbright Expressway or exit onto the Mall Ave. and Shiloh Dr. area.

Chamber President, Steve Clark says the uptown area is the biggest economic engine in Fayetteville and the flyover will just help boost sales.

"There are in round numbers about 500 businesses up here when you kind of take the whole uptown area so it's a very very important part the success of Fayetteville financially," said Clark.

Clark said people avoid the area because of traffic and access, but the flyover will change that.

"More and more businesses that want to be in Fayetteville and reach all of Fayetteville citizens and the northern part of Washington County are going to be attracted to this flyover. They know it's going to be easier for their customer to get here and easier to come make a purchase," said Clark.

The project is expected to cost $7.7 million, 80 percent of that will be covered by federal money, the rest by the City of Fayetteville.