Firefighter Who Rescued Dog Praised for Service

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Centerton firefighters rescued a canine who had fallen into a storm drain, pausing for a picture just as the dog made it above ground.

The Centerton Fire Department uploaded the photograph to its Facebook page over the weekend. Chief Delton Bush said the dog fell into a storm drain on the side of the street, and a firefighter had to enter the drainage system through a manhole near the sidewalk to retrieve the animal.

The picture has received a lot of attention from people praising volunteer firefighter Jose Hernandez and some even calling him a hero.

"I don't know about that, it's part of the firefighter service," Hernandez said.

Hernandez has been a volunteer firefighter for about a year. The Dachshund, named Penny, was stuck in the sewer.

"The dog was as calm and nicest dog it can be," Hernandez said. "She was just shaken up from being stuck down there for who knows how long, until someone awknowledged it."

Centerton Animal Control took custody of the dog and returned Penny to its owner. Terry Sanchez, animal control officer, said it's not the first time he sees Penny.

"The dog like to get In little tiny spaces and crawl around," Sanchez said. "Whenever we pick that dog up, she's been down in that ditch before."

Sanchez said the owner is searching for a new home for Penny.

Click here for a link to the Centerton Animal Shelter's Facebook page.