UA Fixing Alert System After Failure During Tornado Warning

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Campus officials hope to fix the University of Arkansas’ safety alert system that experienced problems last week during severe weather, according to the university.

The RazALERT system notifies students when there is a police or weather emergency. The university sent an alert out to students last Tuesday in response to a tornado warning sustained by the county.

UA students were confined to lower floors of campus buildings, and several school districts in surrounding counties kept students after school due to the tornadoes and strong winds early last week. Nearby towns such as Elkins and Goshen saw severe damage from a tornado that snapped trees in half and destroyed personal property, including some houses.

University safety administrators plan to send out test messages to determine whether the alert system’s problems have been solved, according to a news release from the University of Arkansas.

“We identified several problems in the alert process after the tornado warning message was sent out last Tuesday, said Steve Gahagans, the university’s police director, in the release. “We have worked to correct those problems, and this test will help determine if we have been successful, or if there is more that needs to be done.”

The release Monday stated that the time for the test messages has yet to be determined.