Effort Continues to Change Fort Smith Gun Laws

gun laws

Steve Jones is not letting up on his effort to convince Fort Smith officials to change the rules on firearms in city parks.

On Monday (Feb. 4), Jones e-mailed Fort Smith Mayor Sandy Sanders and Fort Smith City Director Philip Merry Jr. to explain that the Fort Smith National Historic Site and the National Cemetery in Fort Smith allow concealed-carry permit holders to have a firearm on their property.

Firearm possession in Fort Smith parks is not allowed by existing city regulations. Jones, chairman of Arkansas Carry, a gun rights group, alleges that Fort Smith is in violation of portions of Arkansas law (A.C.A. Sections 14-16-504 and 14-54-1411) with its prohibition on the carry of firearms at public parks. Click here to read the full story from our partners at TheCityWire.com.

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