River Valley Road Crews on Standby

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Road crews in the River Valley are on standby as winter weather is predicted to move into the area.

Joe Shipman, with the Arkansas State Highway Department, said crews spent Tuesday loading up trucks and getting them ready to hit the road when snow starts to fall.

"Right now we're just getting the equipment ready in anticipation that we will have some frozen precipitation on the pavement," Shipman explained.

Shipman said he's not overly worried about road conditions in the River Valley under the current forecast.

"We know that any frozen precipitation that falls is expected to be very light in accumulation, especially here in the River Valley," Shipman said.

Regardless, crews worked to put spreaders back on the trucks Tuesday afternoon. Shipman says until the rain turns to snow, there's not much else crews can do.

"There's no preparation we can do at this time, not knowing what the event will be. We're expecting rain in advance of any frozen precipitation," Shipman explained.

That's because the ground is warm, which means crews can't lay down any sort of pretreatment. Instead, Shipman said they'll just have to wait until winter weather arrives in the River Valley.

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