Snow Not Enough to Cancel Class

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Kids across the area woke up to snowfall Wednesday morning, but it wasn't quite enough to cancel class. In West Fork, people saw at least an inch, and in some spots two inches. For the most part, the snow only stuck to grassy areas.

Beth Grimwood, who works at West Fork Elementary, said the roads were completely clear as she headed into work this morning.

"Well where I live it's a winter wonderland we got about two inches," Grimwood said. "But I'm up on a mountain. But down here, the roads seem to be just great."

With the roads clear that meant kids were headed back to school, even though some had hoped for a snow day.

"I don't know who's more disappointed, the students or the teachers," Grimwood said. "We were all looking forward to a little time off. But that's ok. We'll just carry on."

West Fork did receive some of the most snow because of it's higher elevation.

The snow is expected to melt sometime Wednesday afternoon.