Local Women Return Home From Stranded Cruise Ship

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Three sisters are back in Northwest Arkansas after being stranded for five days on the Carnival cruise ship Triumph.

Kim Crabtree, Louann Leichner and Doris Autry last week boarded the cruise ship, whose engine-room fire on day-3 of the trip knocked out power and plumbing on the ship. The incident left 3,000 passengers floating helplessly in the Gulf of Mexico for five more days.

The ship was towed back to the mainland, and the cruise-goers flew out of Houston on Friday. One of the flights out of Texas had its destination Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport, returning three local women who immediately hugged family members on arrival, with tears flowing.

The sisters said the conditions on the stranded ship left passengers trying to avoid sewage that had overflowed onto the floors. They said they would never forget the smell.

Watch the video to see more details, as 5NEWS reporter Scott Miller met the sisters at the airport on their way home.