5NEWS Fit: Hot Yoga

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We are steaming things up in our 5NEWS Fit.  This one's going to increase your flexibility, get you toned and definitely have you breaking a sweat.

Have you heard about hot yoga?

"Some people thought it was more along the lines of "sexy yoga" and uh, no,” says Crystal McPherson. “It is yoga."

With the thermostat up past 90 degrees and an additional heater in the room, Crystal McPherson with McP Hot Yoga Studio in Fort Smith is helping you sweat out the calories. The studio just opened this January.

"It was really hot,” said Chelsea McBride in her first hot yoga class. “I didn't think it would get that hot, and I didn't think I would sweat that much."

McPherson says the heat is necessary.

"Your body is releasing toxins and at the end, honestly when you put it all together, you get a great workout,” said McPherson. “You can tone and lose weight and it's a big stress reliever."

The heat actually makes your muscles looser. McPherson isn’t joking when she says you literally sweat out the calories.

"In the Hot 26 that we're doing today, you burn about 875 calories a class," said McPherson.

The class starts with breathing techniques then you begin different poses. You’ll use some muscles you didn’t even know you had.

"I feel like I understand my body more and I know what things I need to work on," said Christina Thrift.

Breathing is important along with trying to keep your balance.

McPherson says her favorite part is relaxing with a cool peppermint-lavender towel on your face at the end of the workout. It’s a little reward for pushing your limits.

"It's not like an intense workout,” said McBride. “You're not working really really hard, but you get a great workout, just in a calming environment."

Along with a yoga mat, the only other thing you'll need is water. It’s a must to stay hydrated.

McPherson says you can try an introduction week for $20. This includes coming as often as you prefer to see if you like hot yoga, according to McPherson.

For more information on McP Hot Yoga studio call 479-719-1446, or visit their Facebook page by clicking HERE.