Drivers Concerned About Possible Ice in Waldron

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There wasn't any snow on the ground Wednesday morning when locals woke up in Waldron. But by the afternoon, it was a different story. Snow fell for much of the day in the area, blanketing the town as well as the roads.

"Well this morning I drove in from Hot Springs and went up here," explained Hank Nguyen, who works in Waldron. "I thought they weren't too bad. But now, with the snow coming down and it being slick on top, I don't know if I can make it back home today or not."

"The roads are slick right now," said Gary Clepper, with Waldron Police. "We've been working wrecks everywhere."

The winter weather caused accidents throughout Scott County. Clepper said for the most part the accidents have been caused by cars sliding into one and another or by slipping right off the roads.

Drivers told 5NEWS the biggest problem Wednesday afternoon was slushy roads along Highway 71. But they also said their biggest concern was the slush turning into ice Wednesday night.

"Go slow and stay home if you can," Clepper said. "Roads are going to get a lot worse. We're expecting a lot of ice tonight."

"Sometimes you don't see it until it's just too late," Nguyen said.

The slush is expected to freeze over sometime overnight according to current forecasts.