Residents Stock Up During Winter Storm

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With a winter storm blanketing the area, local grocery stores were keeping busy with large crowds coming in to stock up on supplies.

A Harps Food Store in Springdale had extra items, such as bread, shipped in.

“We are not completely out of bread right now, but we will be if it’s very much longer,” said Ronnie Treat, store manager. “That's why we had to get some other people and bring more bread in. The bread guys already saw me. I told them to bring as much bread as possible.”

About 500 loaves were shipped in. Extra workers are also on hand to deal with the extra crowd.

“We had to call more people in,” Treat said. “I started doing that yesterday and I’ve got two people in other departments that know how to check, and they're up here right now checking.”

Treat says he hopes this winter storm is nothing like the ice storm in 2009 where some were without electricity for weeks.

Other store workers in the area that we spoke with today say they have also been busy with customers stocking up on food.