Firefighters Put Space Heaters to the Test

Space heaters are supposed to help save money and keep our families warm during the cold winter months. But when used improperly, they can be dangerous, even deadly.

With help from firefighters and a thermal imager, some of the most popular space heaters are put to the

Heater #1 is a Sunbeam model. Within a minute, it reached temperatures between 375 and 450 degrees.

Heater #2 is a "Comfort Zone" brand. It spiked between 250 and 300 degrees within 45 seconds.

Heater #3 is an Otimus model. It was relatively cooler, but still dangerous. It only took about one minute and 50 seconds to reach its max temperature, hovering around 200 degrees.

Within no time, firefighters say space heaters become dangerous. Hot enough to cause third degree burns. They can even be deadly if placed too close to household items like pillows and blankets.

Firefighters say one reason space heaters are so deadly is because they often don't ignite flames, but smolder silently filling your home with toxic chemicals.





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