New Harp’s Food Store Opens in West Fork

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The people of West Fork and surrounding areas now have a new place to grocery shop.

“There wasn't a parking place anywhere,” said Butch Bartholomew, West Fork City Utilities Manager.

It’s been more than six months since the city broke ground for the Harp’s Food Store.

“They had to move a mountain to put this store in but, they did a good job,” said Bartholomew.

The 32,000 square foot building includes a drive-thru pharmacy, gas station, bakery and deli. Locals say before Harp’s came in they were limited on places they could shop in town.

“It didn't have the offerings that this one has,” said shopper Kilia Priest.

Priest said she had to drive 13 miles to get her groceries, now her trip is only a mile.

“I love it, it’s very convenient, it`s so clean and it carries everything that we are looking for, this is my second time here today,” said Priest.

Most people we spoke to say they had to drive several miles to load up on groceries. Jo Murphy, also saving money on gas, used to have to travel 25 miles to shop for her family.

“Went to Walmart on 6th Street and we don't have to now,” said Murphy.

“Before I had to travel About 12 miles, now it's about a mile and a half, so I’m satisfied,” added Barbara Fenner.

Bartholomew said this is big economic boost for the area, creating 90 jobs.  He also says the store is also attracting other businesses.

“There are different fast food people that have been inquiring, wanting to locate here, this maybe the start of several other businesses following Harp’s,” Bartholomew said.

Bartholomew said the new store is expected to increase sales tax by 25 percent.