OKC Helicopter Crash Kills Two, Injures One

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A medical helicopter has crashed in Oklahoma city, killing two people, and critically injuring a third, according to our Oklahoma City affiliate KFOR-TV.

 Authorities say the chopper belonged to “EagleMed,” an emergency air-medical service affiliated with Baptist Hospital.

A rescuer on the scene was also injured while assisting the crash, according to KFOR.  Police at the scene of the crash told reporters at the scene the person injured is expected to be okay.

The crash happened at a nursing home near Britton Road and Rockwell Avenue.

Eyewitnesses say that a bystander may have saved the lone survivor’s life as the chopper exploded into a ball of fire, after the rescuer reportedly pulled the victim to safety, according to a report from KFOR.

According to authorities the victims killed are the pilot and the nurse on-board; the medic survived.

KFOR reports no patients were on board, according to the Oklahoma City Police Deartment’s Marc Woodard.  He also says the helicopter was based out of Woodward, Okla.

Parts of Oklahoma City are still recovering from a snow storm, its unclear at this time if weather played a factor into the crash.