Suspect Says He Stole Beer Truck While Drunkenly Blacked Out

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Police arrested a Fayetteville man they say drunkenly stole a Dos Equis beer truck from a local Walmart and later ditched it in Cane Hill.

Leon Cardinal, 33, was arrested Friday on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle. He has not yet been booked into the Washington County Detention Center.

Police said the driver of the beer truck left the vehicle unlocked with the keys inside late Thursday night at the Walmart on Mall Avenue in Fayetteville, later noticing the truck was missing.

Surveillance video showed Cardinal wandering the Walmart parking lot at the time, checking car doors, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutor’s Office. The man was identified as Cardinal because he received a money gram at Walmart at the time and had to show his identification, police said.

Investigators located the vehicle in Cane Hill on Friday afternoon. Police later located Cardinal and arrested him at his home.

“He explained that he had been drinking whiskey heavily that morning and was in a ‘black out’ state,” the preliminary report states.

Cardinal initially told detectives he did not remember the alleged theft, but later said he only remembered waking up in a “weird van,” the report states.