Fixing Your Swing One Day At A Time

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It’s cold outside and not the best weather to work on your golf swing. But in Bentonville, you can still get better at Back Nine Golf Academy.

To fix a bad swing, former U of A Golfer Philip Walker asks you to slap a few into his virtual fairway… then he analyzes the ugly.

Walker says when it comes to bad golf angles, seeing is believing.

"Video doesn't lie. We will take a look from two different angles. Look at the swing plane and see what my plan is for them going forward."

When I first showed up for a lesson, my swing plane looked more like a plane crash.

Philip starts by correcting your fundamentals. If you’re not aligned right, then none of the other stuff matters.

My normal swing path is nothing more than a glancing blow. Walker says it’s a common path for casual golfers and weekend hackers.

"Imagine anything you're holding, like a baseball bat or a tennis racquet, and you rotate inward, everything arcs inward. Where your club is going inside-out-and across. When I show you this on video you're going to be able to see that."

Walker uses a two-camera look at your swing.  You can see what your swing really looks like, and then compared your move with what it’s supposed to look like.

Philip says we should all be searching for an all-around better swing.

"The idea to swing the golf club is it's an around the body swing. A rotational move around the body. We're going to have to flip these numbers and you'll see a huge improvement in consistency and distance. There are plenty of devices out there that cost 100 dollars. You can put a shoebox there."

So I’m off on the right foot, and trying not to hit it dead left anymore.

Philip says it you stop by for a lesson, don’t expect a quick fix. It’s going to feel awkward for a few months, but if you’re truly ready for change, then Philip Walker can literally show you the way.