School Attempts to Break World Record

Nearly 400 students and staff members in the Watts, Okla., school district attempted to make history Friday morning.

In an attempt to break the current Guinness World Record, the group simultaneously blew wood train whistles for 20 seconds inside the Watts’ school gym.

It’s all in celebration of the school’s 100th anniversary.

The school district’s principal, Martin Bradford, says he hopes they shattered the previous Guinness World Record of 250 people blowing train whistles for 15 seconds.

“We just had 395 blowing on wooden train whistles for 20 seconds,” he said.

Each participant wore a number, several photos and videos were taken. The district plans to send the photos and videos to the Guinness World Record headquarters in London, England.

Bradford said they expect to hear back on whether or not they are the new world record holders within the next six weeks.

The whistles used were donated by the Watts School Centennial Committee.

Watts School will celebrate its centennial all year long with other events, including balloon launches, dances, reunions, and many other fun events.

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