Springdale Police Looking For Burglary Suspects

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Homeowners say the people responsible for the burglaries’  in the Renaissance subdivision in Springdale must have been watching them. One of the homeowner's comes home for lunch at the same time every day. He leaves his garage door open for only 20 minutes, and that's when the thieves struck.

Across the street Jim Ed Reed said his garage door was open, and the family was inside the house when thieves walked into his garage.

"My wife received either an email or a text from a friend that said that she had just had her purse stolen out of her vehicle in broad daylight," said Jim Ed Reed. "I knew that I had left my garage open so I immediately went outside and saw that my safe had been opened my guns had been taken."

He says the last time he went in his gun safe, he forgot to turn the knob to lock it. Reed said thieves took two guns from the safe.

"My first deer rifle which was a 30-30 and then an actual crack barrell 20 gauge shotgun which is pretty rare," said Reed.

In addition to the guns and purses, police say the thieves took electronics and then went to Wal-Mart.

"The lead that we got was one of the debit cards that was stolen or credit cards that was stolen out of the purse was used shortly after one of the burglaries at the Wal-Mart on Mall avenue," said Lt. Derek Hudson with the Springdale Police Department. "They went in and bought an iPad with the stolen credit card."

Lt Hudson says thieves are often looking for valuables that are in plain sight.

Springdale police are reminding residents to do the simple things to keep both you and your valuables safe. Lock your doors and if you have a garage put your car in it and shut the door.