5NEWS Fit: Lazy Girl Fitness

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Are you just too busy to get in shape? How does a lazy girl fitness routine sound?

This 5NEWS Fit is for all you multi-taskers who struggle to get motivated. Gabby Mooney with G-Fit shows us what to do.

Let's start in the kitchen.

"If you're cooking, you want to activate the booty," said Mooney.

If you're stirring something on the stove or just waiting for a meal to heat up, try this move.

Place one hand on a counter or on your hip, flex your foot and begin pulsing back.Do three sets of 20 or three sets of 50 on each leg.

Next we're moving to the bathroom. Try this exercise while brushing your teeth. It's more intense than you think.

"You should be brushing longer than we do," said Mooney.

While brushing, raise your free arm about shoulder high and begin making small circles in a forward motion. Do 20 circles forward then switch to making 20 circles backward. Repeat with the other arm.

The last move you can do in any room while you're watching the kids, waiting for your dog to do his business or even during commercials.

This is the wall sit.

Find a wall and squat all the way down on it. Your knees should be over your ankle.

"Make sure you're horizontal in your legs," said Mooney.

Hold the wall sit for one minute or at least 30 seconds.

Work these lazy girl exercises into your every day routine and you'll start to see some improvement.